Welcome to my website! I have been doing makeup application ever since I can remember, and it has been something that has come very natural to me.  Whether for high school prom or family members on their wedding day, I have been making people feel wonderful for their special occasions for over 10 years!  And the best part for me is how great the experience is for my clients.

During the week, I am a graduate student seeking my M.A. in Communication, and I also teach undergraduate speech classes.  Please visit my teaching portfolio at JenniferLBaker.com to learn about my teaching philosophy.  I feel so lucky to able to express myself creatively as a teacher and as a makeup designer.  Working with people in order to collectively enhance our skills and knowledge is what drives me, and being a FaceDesigner is no exception to this rule.  I look forward to meeting you and making you feel even more wonderful for your special event!